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About Austin Davis

Austin is a wonderful young man who is full of love and kindness. He is often more concerned about the feelings of others than he is about his own. I will always remember the time that he took the last Popsicle from a box in the freezer. When he learned that his mother did not get one, he cried and offered it to her. He has always been sensitive to the feelings of others. Austin has always been there for others who need help and now he needs ours. Austin has held himself to high standards since he was a child and has always tried to meet the expectations of others in his life. He has always wanted the approval of others and hated to disappoint others, especially those who loved him. We believe these wonderful personality traits may be key to Austinís disappearance.

On June 07, 2007 Austin was jailed overnight in the Clay County, FL jail located in Green Cove Springs for driving on a suspended license in Orange Park, FL. His license had been suspended because he had failed to pay traffic tickets. His car was impounded, leaving him without transportation. I picked Austin up from the jail the following day and witnessed his shame and embarrassment. He was remorseful about his failure to pay his tickets and knew that he had disappointed his family and others that loved him.

We now know that the last time we know of that Austin was seen was on June 26th, 2007 when he took a taxi ride that ended at Jax Jewelry and Pawn Shop at the intersection of 103rd Street and Blanding Boulevard around 12:30pm on June 26th. He left the pawn shop on foot, and hasn't been seen or heard from since.

We do not know where Austin is now but we are determined to find him. We cannot do this by ourselves. Fortunately we are receiving help from many people in many places. The search of Austin must be the publicís search. We need to broadcast Austinís disappearance from sea to shining sea and all points in between. This is a major effort that requires every possible media outlet to include, TV, newspapers, magazines, club and civic publications, internet, flyers, signs and any other means that can post his photo and this website. We are grateful to all the media and other people who have posted his photo and informed the public that we need help to locate Austin.

Although we will never stop looking for Austin until we find him and have his image burned in our hearts, we know as time rolls on others will forget him. Accordingly, it is essential that we maintain a full-court press to keep Austinís photo and story before the public and in the minds of others. Please help us make this happen. Contact any/all media outlets in your area and routinely and ask that they continue to help us by publishing a story and/or photo of Austin. Take Austinís flyer and relay his story t o clubs, civic organizations and churches. These outlets are often more helpful than the press and often have contacts that can help. Keep posting his flyers and adding his photo/story to websites and bulletin boards. Please be creative. A car wash on Blanding Blvd. in Orange Park, FL displays the website address on their electronic sign. I am certain there are other opportunities and methods to get Austinís photo before the public that we have not even considered. Please brain-storm and follow through with any idea you have that can put the word out, regardless of how ďout of the boxĒ it may appear. Let us know if you need resources (

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

We know Austin is out there and we will find him soon. Keep the faith.


Personal stories/anecdotes from family and friends about Austin.



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