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When the path becomes difficult, that's no reason to give up. In fact, it means you're making real progress. The mountain becomes more rugged and steep the closer you get to the summit. Keep going, keep climbing, keep making the effort, and soon you'll find yourself reaching the top.

The challenges you encounter are unquestionable proof that you're making a positive difference. Make use of those challenges, not as an excuse to stop, but rather as a platform from which to push forward.

For the greatest achievements come in response to the greatest challenges. When the going gets rough, you are most certainly in the presence of profound opportunity.

When there is much that must be done, there is enormous value waiting to be created. Step boldly forward and claim that value.

Whatever may come, whatever may seem to block your path, choose to keep moving. There are truly magnificent rewards just on the other side of your persistent efforts.

-- Ralph Marston

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