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How Can I Help?

Everyone asks - What Can We Do To Help?
Here are some things you can do!

Download Flyers and:

  • Tape them to your car windows.
  • Ask everyone you know close to you to put one on his or her car window also.
  • Send a couple copies to anyone in your family that doesn't have a printer and lives in Florida.
  • Ask them to put them on their cars also.
  • Stop by every Truck Stop you see and talk to some of the drivers and give them flyers. Ask them to drop them off at their next stop.
  • If traveling on the Interstate, post them at Rest Stops.
  • Stop by businesses with Fleet Vans and ask them to put the flyers in their side windows.
  • Most grocery and department stores use front windows for displays, display these flyers there.
  • Phone booths are rare, but tape flyers on the ones that are there.
  • If you have family in Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana or South Carolina, send them the links and ask them to do the same thing.
  • Remember - The objective is to turn Florida into a moving billboard of Austin’s profile. The more flyers moving through the area, the more eyes we'll have out looking for him.
Additional ideas:

Add to your Email Signature a link to this site:
Do you have a Website? If so add a link to:

Do you know of any empty Billboards, or Company’s that have empty Billboards along interstates, or main thoroughfares that we can post information about Austin on? If so, email contact information to:

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